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Dildine for Babethe escort wrote:
As a female I'm not saying you are wrong by any means, but Ive actually had a couple of guys tell me waaaaaay after the fact, that they kept me around BECAUSE the sex was good. Emotionally they started not to feel it but sex was still good. see the review
Klystrons for Zae Sun escort wrote:
I think in the OP's case, she was banging his brains out, and he wanted to continue that until he found someone else to date. see the review
Bigmouth for Lottadotter escort wrote:
He was telling me all along how he is not into hookups. He also told me that after we met through OLD, he canceled all his other dates that he set up before meeting me. He felt it's wrong to even chat to other women on those sites since he felt such a strong connection to me. So he ended all the communication with them and told them that he is now seeing someone. He also told his parents and all his work collegues about me. He really led me to believe that we are now in a relationship. see the review
Marcello for Anne Katriina escort wrote:
Women are mistaken thinking it's love/emotion when they are told the sex is mind blowing. see the review
Typhlon for Anna Stin escort wrote:
I agree with this though I will say as a man I enjoy sex much more with a woman I love. It's on a different level. see the review
Maintain for Qiukai escort wrote:
You weren't even together 2 months so I think you can pretty much conclude it was 100% BS. see the review
Cask for Maryama Barwaqo escort wrote:
Stop thinking too much about it. Just be grateful you dodged a liar and a cheater! see the review
Origami for Kaleigh escort wrote:
I feel pretty gutted. see the review
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