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Trae for Choumicha escort wrote:
You need to dump him because at 6 weeks in, you're snooping on his facebook and tracking him. see the review
Kabar for Aliyeh escort wrote:
I don't blame him. This is all too much for just 6 weeks. see the review
Russlan for Patos escort wrote:
Not wanting to jump to conclusions, I texted him that I hope he is having a relaxing night. He responded that he is on the couch at home watching a movie and thinking about me. He is clearly lying as location shows he is far from home. If he was out with friends, he would tell me. It's now quite late at night and he is still there, probably sleeping over. Location updates every 30 minutes. see the review
Olivine for Nizacete escort wrote:
How should I dump him? I am thinking of just not saying a thing and blocking him but I almost want to say something first. Maybe just "Liar " and then block. see the review
Snafu for Edvor escort wrote:
Anyway, you had a dud here. He seems to be playing you, so move on. see the review
Risk for Sathvika escort wrote:
He said: what do you mean? see the review
Spectrality for Fiffi Fiona escort wrote:
Meanwhile location shows that he actually drove home since my "liar" text. He was at the other location for over 4 hours. That's not how long it takes to get food. see the review
Roesler for Gothild escort wrote:
I cringe as I read this. You haven't been knowing him long enough to track his where-a-bouts. He probably thinks you're a bunny boiler at this point. see the review
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