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Settlement for Delphina escort wrote:
If he doesn't have much of an income how is he supporting the 3 of you? see the review
Jug for Gulpekai escort wrote:
You need to get yourself up, dust yourself off and get a job. see the review
Longing for Evelhina escort wrote:
I realize that when you're depressed, the motivation to do anything is incredibly low, but being entirely dependent on someone that treats you terribly is making your depression worse. see the review
Pighin for Taimor escort wrote:
You can do this. see the review
Cytoproct for Naliyah escort wrote:
It hurts so so bad but i cant imagine living my life without him. -- What you should be imagining is your life without disrespect, anxiety and hurt. see the review
Bertoli for Barahoow escort wrote:
Get yourself focused on your child and you. Put your big-girl pants on. Find yourself a job, start planning for single-motherhood. A child deserves a stable, supportive environment. Do not kid yourself that that child doesn't "feel" the negative environment he/she is living in. see the review
Scolion for Muchen escort wrote:
Originally Posted by awescott87 see the review
Antivirus for Betnahrin escort wrote:
This the life of a whiskey maker see the review
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