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Dormouse for Xihua escort wrote:
Oh, yeah, men are weird.. Just accept us, and you will get along fine.. see the review
Strived for Saneke escort wrote:
You were NOT sexually assaulted. You did not resist when he came into your room, you knew what he was there for, and you know exactly what you did. see the review
Marges for Mwembamba escort wrote:
Quit blaming others for your actions. Own them. It wasn't an 'accident'. You didn't accidently give him a BJ. see the review
Catalin for Cvetkova escort wrote:
As long as you are flirting you are going to occasionally cross the line. You will be a serial cheater until you stop flirting with other men and getting validation from your looks and ability to lead men on. That seems to be your whole identity. Get another one if you want a successful marriage. see the review
Zada for Anesta escort wrote:
I feel sorry for your boyfriend. He may marry a future serial cheater and is headed for divorce before he even starts. You are the poster child for it. Just a fact. A harsh fact. It does NOT have to be but you will have to change your method of partying, flirting, and leading men on. You aren't strong enough to resist the inevitable. You've already proven it. You will prove it again. 100% sure. see the review
Commandments for Anna Nc escort wrote:
Hi my name is Ryan, Still new here for me if i'm your BF and read this. Of course i will think the same way as other did. you still cheat. You even know it that you cheat. That's it but try to forgive yourself. see the review
Logy for Norup escort wrote:
And do you really want a relationship with a guy that cheats on his GF/W? There's merit in the phrase, if they'll cheat with you, they'll cheat on you. And in this case, it applies to both of you. see the review
Seginus for Low escort wrote:
You LIVE with your boyfriend? And you are on a dating app and going on dates? see the review
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