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Unattributed for Wahyunita escort wrote:
Or maybe she didn't even tell him. see the review
Crontab for Xihua escort wrote:
OP - how did your weekend go? see the review
Faggots for In Duk escort wrote:
Could be. I would bet that if she did see him this weekend even if she didn't spill the beans that she may have been acting squirrelly enough that he may have an inkling that something is rotten in Denmark. see the review
Mhdraft for Ness escort wrote:
We cannot know how the BS will react to this OP. see the review
Manger for Antra escort wrote:
Yeah I can actually relate. I never dreamed I'd go berzerk and beat my fiance and my best friend within an inch of their lives. Looking back now I was totally clueless it was going on. Sure I walked in on them banging in my house. I do wonder sometimes if I had a clue it was going on if I'd have reacted differently if I had been armed with the info. see the review
Mouse for Kammi escort wrote:
That was always the biggest thing for me to let go of, that feeling of utter cluelessness. I some ways I don't think I ever got past that part even 30 years later see the review
Prototyrant for Jammaneh escort wrote:
I hope she is ok. 😢 see the review
Tetroxide for Hahlani escort wrote:
I believe she did tell him and it is going to be a few day for her to get back with LS if she ever does. see the review
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