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Gilma for Christiarn escort wrote:
Does the husband of the friend know about the villa? see the review
Resters for Balishiwu escort wrote:
I don't know if he does. I was only told he is a stick in the mud and this lady would rather have my gf come since she is more fun. If it's the lady who I think it is I met her once. Very attractive fit lady. Has a 2 year old and was told she is pregnant now. She's probably early 30s. see the review
Foreking for Sonja Lis escort wrote:
Of course many things are running thru my head. Just a thought but maybe this lady wants to try to hook her Italian co workers up with a single flirty fun American and hit the clubs and all that. At her age she might not know many single ladies aside from my gf. see the review
Wightman for Habene escort wrote:
Maybe she wants to impress these guys bc it might help her career rather than bring boring hubby along. see the review
Sepia for Chetan escort wrote:
She needs to know how you feel. That this does trouble you. see the review
Melanic for Rehnuma escort wrote:
Yes I agree. We never finished the topic and it hasn't been brought up since. I think I need to do it soon before their plans are set. The trip is in about a month. My gf is on vacation in a couple days with her kids and a close cousin. I don't want to bother her with this while she is on vacation. see the review
Supra for Maja Clara escort wrote:
I do trust her. A big part is the thoughts of guys constantly hitting on her, having a good time with her partying, sight seeing, etc drives me mad. Its that I cant control the situation. see the review
Ciders for Loroz escort wrote:
Well she gets a lot of attention here at home so I assume that translates over to Italy. Who doesn't like a tall in shape blonde? see the review
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